140° - Thoroughly Underrated: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind's Gareth Lloyd tells you why you should all play The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

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Kran2516d ago

To be honest, it was Morrowind which got people excited for Oblivion, as it did for Skyrim.

So not as underrated as you think Kieran ;P

RufustheKing2515d ago

Underrated? NO. Underplayed? YES. If they made a HD remake of this game it will sellout in seconds. theres nothing like riding giant fleas from one place to another :)

Captain Qwark 92515d ago

not even gonna read the article, im just gonna state for the record "BEST GAME EVER" imo....haven't played anything yet that has come close to it, the freedom was unlike any other open world game....oblivion didnt come close either although it was/is one of my fav games still.....Skyrim.....cannot wait!!!!!!!!!

BigBoss072515d ago

Morrowind is still my favorite Elder Scrolls game to this day. I still consider Arena, Daggerfall, and Oblivion among my top picks for must play games, but Morrowind is the best out of the series so far.

The story, gameplay, and pure scope of the game is just amazing.

wallis2515d ago

Under rated!? It won game of the year and is considered the pinnacle of the franchise. Will games journalists stop clamouring for complete and utter shit to talk about.

I'm tired of hearing that pc gaming is dying, there are too many first person shooters, what went wrong with duke nukem, why people need to play game X, how piracy is good/bad, why used sales are good/bad, what gta V needs, why gta IV looks incredible with this mod, what games look better than crysis 2, why fan boys need to stfu (they won't and your just adding to the god damn noise pollution by whining about it), top ten lists, why game movies fail, why movie games fail, where the hell is half life 3 (I'm guilty of this though), why games count as art, game X vs game Y either graphically or gameplay, battlefield 3 vs mw3 (needs it's own one), and reviews for games that are 8 fucking months late and the same as every other score, and why games are sexist.

We've all read about 8 billion god damn articles that all talk about the above and all you're doing is wasting precious time when you're talking sense, and looking like a prick when you're saying games like morrow wind are under rated.

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