Most desirable gaming keyboards

MyGaming takes a look at some of the more desirable gaming keyboards currently available on the market

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DirtyLary2486d ago

I've actually tired most of those. In the end I'm back to my $19.99 old faithful Digital Media Pro Keyboard, just feels comfortable and solid to me.

ATi_Elite2486d ago

I'm using the Thermaltake Tt eSports and and it's a great keyboard.

It's not a mechanical Keyboard but it's very accurate and has soft noiseless back lite keys plus a lot of Macro keys.

Most important the dam letters will not scratch off.

DirtyLary2486d ago

Is that the keyboard that has a fan for fingers? What will they think of next.

ATi_Elite2486d ago

lol yeah it has a finger fan....i thought it was stupid at first but you know what it kinda helps for long sessions of gaming.

Solid_Snake-2486d ago

pre ordered this the other day. its due out mid september.

Triggs2486d ago

I recently bought a Logitech G110 (a G19 without the LCD) - was torn between the Merc and G110. What put me off with the Merc is its length and no experience how the keys click. I think the G110 is good enough, but kinda overpriced for a keyboard but I'm happy with it.

chrisgay2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

I can't stop using my Apple keyboard- perfect for everything and isn't a glowing blue/red/green mess.

Before the haters hate, I use a PC, just an Apple keyboard.

kcuthbertson2486d ago

I'm rocking a works for me.

iamgoatman2486d ago

Got a MS sidewinder x4 and although it's less feature rich than the x6, it looks a lot sleeker and less garish, plus it was really cheap. Lovely board to use.

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