Will XBLA Kill Non-Triple A Titles?

Will downloadable gaming's rising quality claim a hidden victim?

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Biglet2242d ago

You do have to sift through more crap on XBL to find the games that genuinely put retail titles to shame, though.

xPhearR3dx2242d ago

Not really. They have a top downloaded and top rated section, plus these XBLA games get close to the same amount of coverage as non-triple AAA games. There's trailers, previews, reviews, more than enough to find the good ones. Best of all, every single one has a trial version so you can play it first and then decide.

BabyTownFrolics2242d ago

the every game has a demo has saved me from some crap games

flipmop442242d ago

I think this is a genuine concern but so long as the big titles keep up better games its doubtful this will happen, but people are cheap and economies are faltering so it could be the precursor of a new age of cheaper games in the near future

Dailynch2242d ago

To be honest, some XBLA games put full retail titles to shame. I'd like to see XBLA evolve to offer a balanced market for titles.

M1chl2242d ago

This, my GotY last year was LIMBO and I am happy that everyone can experience it this year. Arcade games on PSN/XBLA are awesome!

The Meerkat2242d ago

Trials Evolution is going to make many full price AAA games look like poor value.

EVO-OM3GA2242d ago

I hope MS increase the amount of Gigs they allow either towards the end of this gen or with the new XBOX I love the XBLA games that I have acquired and will continue to acquire but I would like to some on a larger scale much like Avatar Legends.

Agent_S2242d ago

Exactly. This is something that has to change. I wonder how many developers have scaled down their vision because of the size cap.

EVO-OM3GA2242d ago

Hmmm I agree im not saying it is a completely bad thing devs had to scale down there games because even with the limit they have still delivered alot of quality games.

But next Gen MS I reckon will once again have Devs best interest in mind and bring the best Quality hardware and software.

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