Halo Anniversary - PAX 2011: Solarity Map CTF Gameplay (Cam)

Chase your flag through the depths of the Solarity map in Halo: Anniversary's multiplayer.

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2241d ago
lugia 40002241d ago

Guy playing doesn't know how to turn back and melee.

Gamer_Z2241d ago

This game is such a cash grab by MS sad that people don't realize it.

InNomeDiDio2241d ago

Actually it looks really good to be honest.

JOLLY12241d ago

It totally sucks that Microsoft did what millions of fans have been begging for them to do. How could they? Now that god of war hd collection, that makes perfect sense. That is how you listen to your fans. Maybe a better example is the team ico collection.

Gamer_Z2241d ago

True enough i guess but Halo isn't a full HD remake as half is a remake and the other half is halo reaches multiplayer tacked on and a lot of people didn't like Reaches MP; Halo 2 & 3 MP's were way better.

2241d ago
kaveti66162241d ago

Gamer_Z, it's always a crash grab when a publisher makes a sequel or remake of a popular franchise title.

Crash grab means that Microsoft is going to make a lot of money from this game. It doesn't mean that they didn't put any effort into it. In fact, 343 made a lot of effort to make sure that the Halo community wasn't split up, and this remake is much more worthy than the HD remakes of Splinter Cell and even God of War.

It's a cash grab when Sony decides to make another Gran Turismo game instead of a new IP.