Namco x Tecmo Website Launches; Tekken vs. DOA Should Become A Reality

A new website has been launched that shows an apparent partnership between Namco Bandai and Tecmo Koei.

Is it time that we will see the Tekken characters finally battle against the Dead or Alive characters?

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Foxgod2547d ago

Make it an all female boob jiggle fest with all the girls from DOA, Tekken and Soul Calibur!!

Kyosuke_Sanada2547d ago

Add an Extra Edition that has them fighting in swimsuits on stages made of the desserts of your choosing and its a day one for me.

Bigpappy2547d ago

I really thing this would be great. But I want the DOA environments where you don't ring out and the tekken rings. I also want the DOA team to retain counters and grab moves. Do all that and I will buy.

Vandamme212547d ago

would be awesome to see jin vs ryu hayabusa

tarbis2547d ago

I hope this is a fighting game.
TK vs DOA. This is gonna be great.
So what's next?

Tanir2547d ago

Kosmos vs KASUMI!!!!!!