343 discusses Halo 4 story

During the chaos of PAX this year, some details trickled out of the Halo Fest panel concerning Halo 4′s story. Click past the jump to learn more about how the new developer is going to handle things.

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kingdoms2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

Yes *books* ;) and more lmao

Twizlex2518d ago

Isn't that the one where the hero saves the world?

vishant1012518d ago

Halo has a universe larger than most games the size rivals star wars, star trek. in that universe there are many stories, some stories asre about spartans the human super soldiers some are about the flood an a alien parasite others are about fore runners a ancient and powerful race which no longer exist some are about odst the space marines some are about the convenant a collection of alien races. theres storys about human colonies on different planets and stories about a mysterious ring called halo

2518d ago
zslash2518d ago

Sounds good, can't wait to see 343's vision of Halo in action.

ginsunuva2518d ago

I don't like it when unnecessary, non-believable stories are tacked onto series. Halo should have ended where it did well, not be ruined by some cash grab.

beans2518d ago

Well I for one want to know more about it's universe. It can do well again so nothing wrong with that. Comics and other franchises go on for years so why not halo?

charles20292518d ago

Hopefully 343 can continue the greatness that Halo has brought to gamers so far.

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