8-year-old Fighting Game Prodigy Gets Sponsored

Noah took home a top 48 rank for his Marvel versus Capcom 3 play at EVO 2011. His team of choice? Hulk, Wesker and Sentinel.

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Misterhbk2515d ago

That's pretty awesome. Keep up the good work young man!

NMC20072514d ago

I wouldn't use the word prodigy, he's just good at a casual fighting game.

silvacrest2514d ago

how exactly is MvC3 a "casual" fighting gaming?

Ddouble2514d ago

MVC3 is far from casual.

Also he plays SFIV and he's not bad at that either.

Hicken2514d ago

I'll admit MvC3 isn't as hardcore as its predecessor, but that's still a feat worthy of praise.

Kyosuke_Sanada2514d ago

Congrats, never heard of anybody that young doing well in a fighting game tournament but then again I rarely seen any in action. Let's just hope the fame doesn't corrupt the little guy.