The Top 7… Most unique multiplayer games of fall 2011

Deathmatch. Capture the Flag. Domination. Team… those things. These words have made up a familiar vocabulary for multiplayer games over the past 15 years or so, and they’ve been standard in nearly every game that’s allowed one player to shoot at another. These days, however, “standard” is seldom enough, and this year it seems like every other big fall release wants to reinvent, deepen or otherwise put its own unique spin on competitive and co-op play.

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way2fonky2488d ago

Hulk Hogans Main Event! Will have the best multiplayer of alls times!

chriski3332488d ago

best multiplayer game for fall is battlefield 3

LOGICWINS2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Gears 3 has a more unique MP suite than AC: Revelations and Dark Souls??

Errr...well I guess its an opinion.

Brownghost2488d ago

god im sick of these articles the top 10 this the bottom 5 this the greatest looking this no one cares we want game news not some idiots opinion weve seen enough of these

earbus2487d ago

Im looking forward to the top 10 of top ten articles remade in HD lol.

2487d ago