Interview: Dark Souls Gets More Melancholy (Gamasutra)

Leigh Alexander writes:Demon's Souls was like one of those bad boyfriends -- the more it pushed players away, the more they loved it.
It was an unlikely success in an era of accessible games, offering dark-fantasy action where precision and persistence could eke out a hard-won yet strangely gratifying trail to victory.

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Huffman2396d ago

I'm excited to see how they work your death and resurrection into the story. Thematically, it didn't really factor into Demon's Souls.

Also, I wish it was called Dark's Souls. Dark Souls is too easy to Google.

3dawg2396d ago

im ready for this game 10/04 cant come any closer.

Tex1172395d ago

You see the "Prepare to Die" I think is more clever marketing than we think.

My bet is that the story is focused on lifting the curse and allowing you to die.

Thus, it captures the spirit of the game in "gamer speak" (ie dying), but captures what the object of the game lift the curse and die.