Max Payne Character Evolution

Rockstar decided to tease us this morning with the revealing of two stunning new screenshots for Max Payne 3. The screens show a younger, suit-clad, full-lock-of-hair Max, far removed from the initial screenshots that showed a bald and aged Max Payne in action.

How has Max evolved over the years? Let's take a look at the tantalizing character's changing face over the years, dating back to the original Max Payne from 2001.

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Brownghost2489d ago

im alright that the classic look of max returning to max payne 3 and man i love max payne 2 the dark humor the gameplay and story and how it goes also the voice of max is amazing i wish they would remake the first one but an hd remake of the first two is would be good

nevin12489d ago

I only played Max Payne 1 but I never beat it. Think I should revist it as I still have it saved on a memory card. Or should I start over and play it on my BC PS3?

Brownghost2489d ago

play the game again its a gem for 3rd person shooters if your okay re-visiting the game then play it on your ps3 if not use your card but please play the second one one of my faves

ChrisW2489d ago

Even though Payne's grimaced face was comical in the first one, I loved it and I didn't like how much they changed him in the second one.

madpuppy2489d ago

I agree, The first Max Payne was more enjoyable to me. But, I like snowy winter in NYC and the fact that you don't have to babysit an NPC. I cannot stand doing that.