9.0 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review "Overall Deus Ex Human Revolution is a game that attempts to draw a wide variety of game styles, and succeeds on just about every level. Part RPG, sandbox, FPS, and TPS, there are few stones left unturned by this title that does quite a bit of justice to a series already held in high esteem for both storytelling and game design. This is a game designed for every gamer that's ever complained about there not being enough choice in a modern title, or enough depth in the decisions made, or that the plot and character development is lacking. It has its flaws that can occasionally lose the player when it comes to breaking the mood, but all of that is easily forgivable. Otherwise there's very little that Human Revolution doesn't do to satisfy on the first play-through, let alone a second."

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mephman2544d ago

I was really surprised with just how engrossing this game is. There hasn't been a game like this in a while, where you can spend hours on it and not even realise it.

Hardedge2544d ago

I know what you mean. The hours just burn away. The last game that did that for me was Mass Effect.

clarkjudo2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I start to play and before know it, 2 - 3 hours has passed. This is happening often, so much so I am putting in 5 - 9 hours a sitting. Just landed back in Detroit from Montreal, and I think I have put in around 35 hours more or less already. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Mass Effect 2 were similar in hours. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a combination of both games, I am sure this is the reason for many hours spent so far. LOL

chriski3332543d ago

yup i just beat the game a hour ago and started over again;]

manumit2543d ago

Hey can you replay the game with your upgrades you purchashed on the first play through?

Hardedge2544d ago

Definitely a great game. Kudos to Eidos Montreal. I'm loving it a lot.