GameInformer: What's Coming In Halo 4?

We apply a critical eye to the available info, and craft a picture of what players can look forward to in 343 Industries’ highly anticipated Halo sequel.

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darthv722393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

cant wait for more details as they emerge. I have a feeling the forerunner are the creators of MC and like it says in the article. He is a reclaimer but what is he trying to reclaim and what new kinds of enemies will he encounter?

From the trailer, that planet reminds me of unicron trying to gobble up the falling ship. Once inside, there could be anything and everything he will face.

I am most curious about the musical score. The orchestra ensemble for the previous games was what set the tone to be very dramatic at times. Music is key and hopefully this new trilogy will expand on that and bring new musical compositions to the table while staying true to the dramatic effect.

A7XEric2393d ago

I'm also curious about the music. It seem to have a very different tone than what we are used to, but I hope the original Halo theme is still present. I dig what was in the trailer, but we also need some familiar sounds to connect us to the past games too.

beans2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I truly hope 343 can bring back the music of score Halo Ce in part 4 or at least a little. Really all I want to feel is that I'm playing Halo again.

Rettom2393d ago

I think the next trilogy is coming for the next Xbox.

IronFistChinMi2392d ago

I only disagreed because of the "Forerunner are the creators of MC" bit, their involvement in the human race was much bigger than one guy. Read Halo: Cryptum if you haven't already and remember that Miranda Keyes was also called a Reclaimer during Halo 2.

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Hectic_Kris2393d ago

i will be buying live again when this comes out no doubt!

kza2393d ago

Best profile picture eva lol

Hectic_Kris2393d ago

glad you like it made it myself :P

Convas2393d ago

This was a very thorough write-up. I've tried to remain cautiously optimistic, but it's hard. I'm just so excited from both Halo: Anniversary and Halo 4.

Can't wait for more info, though I doubt that'll be any time soon.

ThrazN72393d ago

I love halo it's by far the best FPS universe.I still play halo 3 and I used to play halo 2(it's now offline :( )

_Aarix_2392d ago

Cant you play halo 2 on your 360? I heard you can. Theres alway halo 3 for $5

ThrazN72392d ago

Yea I played halo 2 on my 360 but they dont support xbox live for original xbox games

kingdoms2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

More powerful space animals to kill with overhauled gameplay, game mechanics, more mature story telling and insight of the the beginning of the master race of space animals. Better graphics . Exotic environments, better weapons, better features, better online features and darker atmosphere in general. Fast action packed and mind blowing. More shocking than Halo combat evolved in presentation.

The more advanced/exotic and older space animals will bring unreal AI and fury. The *Flood* Beasts will be hell with other space animals that live in that part of the universe.

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The story is too old to be commented.