EA: It Could Take a 'Few Years' to Compete with NBA 2K Again

EA Sports last year infamously rebranded NBA Live as NBA Elite, only to cancel the whole game at the last minute. This left competitor NBA 2K as the sole simulation basketball game on the market, and it's one that many fans would argue has been superior regardless. IndustryGamers recently chatted with EA's Peter Moore (formerly EA Sports label president) about the challenge ahead in basketball.

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donniebaseball2516d ago

NBA 2K has always been much better. EA has a long, long way to go.

evrfighter2516d ago

that or they're trying to buy nba execs into an exclusive license.

crxss2516d ago

man remember those 2K days on the Dreamcast?! classic. i mean they had AI on the cover for like 5 years, i'm sure Jordan will be on there for awhile if it means preventing EA from even entering the basketball game arena (even though i was hoping for a DRose cover this year).

NYC_Gamer2516d ago

They will never be able to compete

thugbob2516d ago

All we need now is for them to admit that they keep rehashing madden titles and that they don't put effort into them due to lack of competition.

KwietStorm2516d ago

Wow they came right out and said it

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The story is too old to be commented.