The Secret World - Beta registration and phase one of The Secret War experience is live now

DSOGaming writes: "Funcom has just announced that the first phase of The Secret War experience is now live. This first phase allows you to access a brand-new personality test that will let you find out what secret society you are most suited to join, or you can simply choose one of the secret societies as you see fit. After making your choice you get to register as a member of that secret society. This also functions as the official beta registration for The Secret World."

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Huffman2546d ago

Just signed up Illuminati. Required registration through facebook. I hope they don't post a load of garbage on my wall.

KionicWarlord2222546d ago

Yeah i chose that faction too. I like how in the video it shows were each faction resides.

noxeven2546d ago

Same here bet you will get a ton of wall posting crap. I guess were gonna have to play some mini game I can only assume gonna be Facebook related if we want guaranteed access

Drazz2546d ago

Took the test, they recommended Illuminati, I joined.

Ramas2546d ago

tried oficial site and you cant sign up for beta if you do not have facebook, lol. Why ppl are forced to use that crap? i deleted my facebook account long time ago and not planing to come back.