Mario meets Portal in an actual indie game that will blow you away

DSOGaming writes: "Wow, I'm speechless. Have you ever wondered what would happen if Mario had a portal gun and how different the entire game would actually be? Well, time to find out as Mari0 is an indie game that is based on these two franchises. And yes, you read that right. This is an actual game under developement and it is not a mod of any existing one. It’s coded with Löve and will be released for free."

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Jdub895O2339d ago

nice! I cant wait till Nintendo and valve release this game.

BakedGoods2339d ago


I liked when he over-shot the flag pole and was like "oops" *ends video*

Theonetheonly2339d ago

Ahh nothing like the smell of dead mushrooms and Portal Plasma in the morning.

RyuDrinksTheDew2339d ago

whoaaaa, THAT IS AWESOME!!!

dgroundwater2339d ago

An "actual" indie game as opposed to all the fake ones I've been playing?

Lol looks great still. The MSN tone playing halfway through got me too.

Relientk772338d ago

Nice! I want to play this

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