Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3 | The Inevitable Question

The question that is most likely going to take the modern gaming world for a spin, and invoke some butt frustrations onto the members of our youth. The clash that is going to rock the FPS gaming industry, and most likely will change the way we look at FPS games. Ha, okay, so this isnt going to be outrageously epic, but it sure is a topic that is being discussed now, and will be discussed far after both of these games are released. Which game is better; Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3

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Convas2432d ago

How can it be inevitable? It's already been asked 50 FREAKING MILLION times already. Good grief.

Mike_Tha_Hero2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

Agreed, but I will admit this take on it is a lot more reasonable than the others we see by the week.

DanSolo2431d ago

Oh my God, oh my God it's like the MOST important question EVER!!!!!!

Oh wait no it isn't..... the only people who give a fuck are complete tossers!

They are GAMES, they are just entertainment, they are meant to be fun.... so buy the one you like, or buy them both, or don't buy either if FPS's are not your thing... but whatever your choice, just have fun and be entertained!
And if you are a kid maybe go play football or climb a tree or something....

Kyosuke_Sanada2431d ago

Beating that dead horse into atoms I see....

MARKUS_MAX1MUS2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

This is tired, niether is out yet

MW3 could be a fail based on the fact its annual, pretty much the same game?

BF3 is sounding like fail with gimped sniper rifles/shotguns. required origin & regen vehicle armour.

Dues Ex is the first of the big games out and its flat out amazing, like the snake eater of this generation and SKYRIM is without a doubt going to be amazing. IF these repetative modern warfare themes fail to impress there is always RPGs & MMOs.

Hufandpuf2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Please don't post these articles anymore, they just take up space for more important things.