TGX: Logitech G300 Review

Logitech does not disappoint in the PC gaming market as the Logitech G300 delivers everything that any gamer needs to have success in this generation of gaming.

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Triggs2518d ago

I hope the optical engine supports turning off angle snapping on this one, unlike the MX series and the new G400 (angle snapping turned me off with the G400).

I love the G5 form factor - I gotta see how my hand will agree with the new G300's shape.

hiredhelp2518d ago

i always go for the larger based mouses cos of my hand. my G5 dies on me after a while of use so now looking for a new one. was gonna go for a cm storm mouse but then i come across this.
i have a red theme computer so this caters for that looks rather nice too. got everything i need on it.

Bolts2518d ago

I'm not a fan of the button config. I prefer thumb buttons so if there's a need, it's possible to hold one while pressing another. In this form it would not be possible to do so.

BattleAxe2518d ago

I love this new design. I'm going to get a new gaming mouse soon, and currently its between the G300 and the G700.