Forza 4 achievements list outed

Looking to max-out the Forza Motorsport 4 achievements list? Well, you'll need a Kinect unit to do so.

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Squatch832333d ago

''Look Ma, No Controller!: Use Kinect to drive any car in Free Play (5)''

Thats just as bad as online achievements. Ppl shouldnt have to spend extra cash to finish a game.

Blacktric2333d ago

You have to admit that it was kind of expected though. First it was online achievements, then it was preorder DLC exclusive achievements and now this which is even worse in my opinion.

Solid_Snake-2333d ago

butt hurt much.

at least every 360 game has achievements.

also if achievements are the the only reason you finish a game then your not actually classed as a gamer, your more of a pokemon card kind of person.


kaveti66162333d ago

" Ppl shouldnt have to spend extra cash to finish a game."

Not getting an achievement doesn't mean you didn't finish the game. Get over it.

earbus2333d ago

I love online achieves more games should have them battlefield does them well.

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Clayman2333d ago

At least kinect only takes up 5 gamerscore.
The rest 995 seems to take quite a while to get, which of course is only good.

RBlaze2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Wait, is Forza more than one dvd? Not that it bothers me in the slightest, but I didn't know it was on more than one? (EDIT: I got the impression of multiple discs because of the last achievement on the list)

I'm still hoping that the Achievement system will evolve a little. Like, a sort of video capture for achievements would be cool! x

m232333d ago

It may be similar to forza 3, where you install disc 2 onto the hard drive but always play off of disc 1.

McFlu2333d ago

I wouldn't find the kinect as difficult because my nephew has kinect, and he doesn't use it, the one I'm worried about is the Unicorn Hunter one. For one, I'm not good with buying cars in the auction house, it took me forever to get that achievement in 3, but now we have to buy a car that will be more rare, more expensive, and a hell of a lot more sought after.

Brixxer6002333d ago

And once the glitchers move in the prices will be ridiculous , only people that are great painters will have a chance to rival them.

Raven_Nomad2333d ago

Sweet! Now that's how you make achievements accessible! Cant wait. One of the things I disliked about Forza 2 was how long and hard it was to get the achievements, Forza 3 fixed all that and now Forza 4 looks to continue on with where that left off. Cant wait!

mcstorm2333d ago

I agree with you on this and Forza 4 is looking like its going to be an amazing game I cant wait to play it plus I have kinect too so I look forward to seeing how the hesd tracking works but I think the game has more than enough in it for none Kinect users. Going to be an amazing end to the year with the games that are out between now and December.

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