Has World of Warcraft’s time passed? Blizzard doesn’t think so

With the recent explosion in free-to-play gaming, especially in the MMO genre, many fear for the survival of traditional subscription and one off paid games. At the spearhead of this concern is the long time MMO king World of Warcraft; with a recent decrease in subscriber numbers, many feel that this could spell the beginning of the end for WOW. Warcraft developers Blizzard, however, strongly disagree.

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ATi_Elite2336d ago

cause they still make between $60 and over $100 million a month on this dam game!!

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7xsPD2336d ago

Of course Blizzard doesn't think so, it's their game.

Ranshak2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

It still makes more money than any game out there lol.

RGDfleet2336d ago

Jesus people....typical N4G problem....READ THE ARTICLE!!

moe842336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )


kma2k2336d ago

my god just think of what will happen when WOW2 or WOW HD comes out, the only thing i hear people bitch about now is the graphics, well that & the game leading to more & more divorces.

My family running count: 2 Uncles, 2 Aunts, 3 Cousins play this game way to damn much. One of my uncles got a divorce due to his adiction to this, no lie One of my aunts burned down her kitchen she turned on her oven & went to go check the game in the back of her house & i swear to god burned down her freakin kitchen! She was gone for over a couple hours & smelt something burning & low & behold its her kitchen!

I avoid this game like the plague!

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