Do games really need in-game collectibles?

Have in game collectibles become nothing more then bragging rights? Do we really need to kill all the pigeons in GTA IV? For what, a trophy or achievement? It seems in game collectibles are nothing more then game length filler and bragging rights these days.

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The Matrix2368d ago

As long as it isn't a trophy/achievement.

sdtarm2367d ago

do gamers would rather pay DLC?

it seems like it

jriquelme_paraguay2368d ago

things like BubbleHead on Fallout 3 are welcome...
But, other things useles like Thermos, or Gold Movie Reels... wtf?

J86blum2368d ago

I like collectables as long as they help in game such as stated above The BobbleHeads from Fallout 3, and the shards from Infamous 1&2.

christheredhead2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

the only in game collectibles i enjoyed, that comes to mind as of now, was in fallout 3. such a blast to track down and find all the bobble heads. plus you get extra stat points, but it was pretty rewarding seeing the entire collection filled on the bobble head stand.

i mean we dont really "need" them in that sense, but theyre in the game for people who want to locate all those items. if you wanna track down 800 feathers in assassins creed or scour for intel items all day then go for it. as long as its not mandatory it doesn't hurt the game. its still a fun exploration tool to get sidetracked on for a bit.

Angrymorgan2368d ago

God damn pigeons in gta ...aahhhhh!

christheredhead2368d ago

hahahah the pigeons in gta will forever haunt my inner soul. would be pretty funny if gta5 included double or triple the amount of pigeons haha.

Huffman2368d ago

One of the worst offenders was Alan Wake, with its collectible thermoses. The were completely separate from the story. Why was I looking for thermoses? No reason? Ok, I guess.

It stands out so much because the other collectible was actual pages from the lost story! There was very little reason for the thermoses to exist.

The Matrix2368d ago

Absolutely! So blatant and worthless.

kube002368d ago

I did enjoy getting the rare guns in Fallout New Vegas

PCE2368d ago

In-game collectables as long as they feel rewarding? Sure, why not.

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The story is too old to be commented.