Fangwheel - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Reviewed (Xbox 360)

Chris from reviews Deus Ex: Human Revolution on the Xbox 360.

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gw4k1973d ago

I wish you could start the game over (after beating it) but continue your character! I'd love to max him out and deal some serious stealthy action upon everyone I meet!

ElementX1972d ago

Then what would be the challenge?


it's not so much about the challenge...

the challenge is your first play through. by the time you have finished it, you know where stuff is, you know the easy way to beat bosses etc etc.. it's not about the challenge.

it's more about the fun of going through the game again as a complete death machine. it's about feeling you can take advantage of your characters full potential.

Bolts1972d ago

This game is GOTY material.

mcstorm1972d ago

I really like the look of this game and hope it sells well but with the amount of games I want the back end of this year I am going to wait until early next year before I pick it up. But so far every one who has the games has said they have really liked it.

Ps3thebest1972d ago Show