Skyrim’s great look on the Xbox 360 gets explained

Skyrim Director Todd Howard explains why Skyrim benefits from such a great look on the Xbox 360, whilst giving some insight into changed development styles.

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yen8882183d ago

I have a feeling that it will be on multiple discs, if so it will be a PS3 purchase for me

Caleb_1412183d ago

Bethesda confirmed a single disc for all platforms :)

yen8882183d ago

Sweet, impressive compression tech then?

TomInc2183d ago

I think Bethesda confirmed it just in time really.. Means people with more than one console are less likely to be instantly swayed away from Xbox when pre-ordering. Though there's nothing to REALLY indicate either PS3 or Xbox will be better

rabidpancakeburglar2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

That scares me slightly then, as a game the size of skyrim should be more than one disk on the 360

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32183d ago

Talk about a day late and a dollar short. And people are worried? Why be worried about the one that's being shown, lol? Or are you worried about the others?

bozebo2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

"That scares me slightly then, as a game the size of skyrim should be more than one disk on the 360"

They make it have hardly any content:
Morrowind before Oblivion.
San Andreas before GTA4.

Open world games can't exactly be multi-disk, so they have to skimp out on gameplay.

damnyouretall2183d ago

disc size doesnt matter to me, i own both consoles. i preordered for the ps3 cause im on my 3rd 360 and this game will take hours. ill be pissed if its better on the 360 cause my gamestop quit taking preorders. cmon man, let this be a mutiplat that doesnt gimp with the ps version. mofu's need to show some love

ThanatosDMC2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

I'm worried about size and scope. Remember when they said New Vegas was as big as Fallout 3? Yeah, that was a big fat BS lie.

Also, the fact that they all ready have DLC during release bothers me greatly.

Lazy_Sunday2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

The PC version, which will also include the option for an excellent digital download.
Of course, I'll play console first since I know I will cheat the hell out of the PC version. The choice then comes down to PS3 or 360, which isn't really a choice, since it will unfortunately run better on the 360. I HATE to say that, since it only runs better because it runs on compression tech.
Compression always has run better on the 360, and it's because it's designed for the 360 and ported to the PS3. PS3 runs better with more protocols, more space, etc., especially because it can store those 1080p textures and then run the games without having any performance issues. Since the games utilize more GPU on the 360, the PS3 tends to have lower performance, since most of those protocols have to be completely translated to CPU power on the PS3 (which we all know the PS3 has a ridiculous amount of). Not many developers want to deal with that though, since it's a difficult process. They've said the tech is "alien," but that's only because 360 development is similar to PC development. Not everyone runs off CELL processors.
Since I have both consoles, it's a no-brainer, and the 360 getting the exclusive content first makes my PS3 side pissed the fuck off, but sadly defines my 360 purchase.
I'll be getting the game on PC, and will end up pouring more man-hours into it than any other game in the history of... well, ever... at least in my lifetime. Obviously you can expect brilliant mod support. I can't even begin to imagine how beautiful Skyrim will become with all the mods people will create.

Perjoss2182d ago

It can be 5 discs for all I care, just take my money and let me play it!

Sarcasm2182d ago

Definitely getting this on the PC.

Peaceful_Jelly2182d ago

Being on 5 discs would defeat the purpose of the game being an open-world game. How would you even make an open-world on 5 discs anyway? You would have to divide the game on 5 different sections.

But these Elder Scroll games don't use CGI or pre-rendered stuff nor uncompressed audio files and these are the kind of things that take lots of space.

lalalala2182d ago

one disc on 360 is very impressive

awi59512182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )


Games arent that big just worthless games with 10 hours of cutscenes need alot of room. Elder scrolls doesnt have alot of cut scenes and those are done mostly in game so its not a issue for them. But im getting the pc version anyway because of the mods and new single player that the mod community makes are great. I hate that fact that i played the last one on console so much now.

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xPhearR3dx2183d ago

Guess you didn't hear the news that it fits on one disc?

fluffydelusions2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Still don't see the issue with multiple discs. It was certainly present in the PS1 days. It never bothered me then and it doesn't bother me now. I'll just get whatever version is best. Could care less about how many discs it's on.

StrongMan2183d ago

There was also no cross game chat on PS1 and it never bothered anyone but now people cry for it.

KingSlayer2183d ago

The horse and buggy guy said a similar thing when the automobile was invented.

fluffydelusions2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )


Terrible analogy really. If you are concerned with getting off the couch every 10-20hrs to swap a disc which takes all of 5 seconds then you have other problems to worry about.

BubbleSniper2183d ago

the issue with multiple discs? yeah... try royalties.

Arnon2183d ago

What do royalties have to do with getting off the couch and enjoying a game even though it's on more than one disc?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32183d ago

Cross game chat is a feature that stands out, also a luxury. There are only a handful of games that come on multiple disc this gen.

BlackKnight2183d ago

Disc swapping would only be an issue in an open world game, like GTA or elder scrolls. Because you might have to change discs to go back to places over and over.

BlackTar1872182d ago

Disc swapping would be ahuge issue if ps3 had it.

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kingdoms2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

One disc on the 360 with new very efficient engine design and development. Works great on the new 10 gig 360 discs. Game has epic scale, much better graphics and is bigger than past games in the series. Looks phenomenal watching the demos. Trying to make issue of multi discs hoping to champion one version as superior being on one disc *then* spinning the fact the devs have achieved a superior solution in space management as negative shortcuts is moronic.

The game was built from the ground up from the start to achievie a much better game (the best running and looking in the genre) with a efficient space management method. The number of discs isn't a afterthought but the goal. The devs are more pleased with the scale and the amount of processing on screen at once with the game on 360 than the discs used. The devs are obviously proud they can run the game's worlds on the 360 as close to the PC version as they can hense the boasting of the 360 version. This game looks like it takes an abnormal amount of RAM.

I keep hearing hating fanboys say now that the game is on one disc on 360(PC too?) The game doesn't live up to its potential graphically. As if this wasn't the goal in the first place. There are other factors that com into play besides space with open world games like memory and GPU etc.

It's fanboy logic to wish the 360 version has more than one disc trying to claim a one-up victory over the 360 version then turn around and claim something is wrong with the game when the devs work hard on a superior solution that robs fanboys of anti 360 fodder. It's no surprise the 360 excels with open world games.

bodybombs2182d ago

bubbles for the well said post.

Dark_king2182d ago

Actually its not bigger then any of the past games.Its the same size as the last one which is currently the smallest Elder Scroll game.

ghaleon19802182d ago

Uh oh, watch out you are in direct opposition to the opinion of most users. I hope your bubbles can survive the assault...

Dark_king2182d ago

@ghaleon1980 you weren't talking to me where you In truth its going to be the smallest Elder Scroll game.Mainly because the terrain.

ghaleon19802182d ago

@Dark_king: No I wasn't talking to you. :)

BlackTar1872182d ago

he wasn;t talking to you he was playing the sad little victim card. Although not as obvious as others.

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Solid_Snake-2183d ago

the story and game play will be the same on all so why bicker over graphics,X amount of discs and enjoyment.

just thought i would add this though....PC FTW.