7 Awesome Betas You Should Sign Up For writes "There are two kinds of Betas. One that is primarily used as a promotional tool for a game’s hype building machine; the other is launched so that developers can test their games and servers with a bigger audience and ask for feedback to fine tune and tweak the final version. Today, we’ve compiled a list of 7 betas that we think you should look into regardless of the kind."

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Mister_V2339d ago

Can't wait for Diablo III.

TheBeast2339d ago

On my must play beta list.

ATi_Elite2339d ago

Scratch off Call of Duty elite! you already know what your getting!

I'm signing up for:
The Secret World

iXenon2339d ago

Can't wait for that Revelations beta!

Criminal2339d ago

Battlefield 3 is my pick. I'm so psyched for it.

john22339d ago

I'd choose both Diablo 3 and BF3 :D

Mister_V2339d ago

Anything with a '3' in it seems good I guess!

xruiner892339d ago

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive open beta is confirmed to start in October and will be an exclusive to PC and possibly Mac.

xtremexx2339d ago

im new to Blizzard games so i guess im not going to be in the Diablo 3 beta lol, but defo BF3

Gran Touring2339d ago

You just gotta get lucky with their games. My buddy played nearly every Blizzard game made, and didn't get into the SCII or Diablo III betas.

Criminal2339d ago

I find it weird that no one mentioned Gotham City. I think the game looks cool.

Criminal2339d ago

What I like about Blizzard games, even though I don't play them often, is that you know that their games are quality.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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