ModNation Racers: The Future Is Bright

Posted by Mark Wilson: Go ahead slap on those shades because the upcoming months the Blu-Ray supernova known as ModNation Racers becomes brighter and brighter.

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Sizzon2182d ago

A really enjoyable racer.

Yi-Long2182d ago

... but with so much DLC being released, I'm still waiting for a 'GOTY' edition to come out, or else it will be just too expensive.

ElementX2182d ago

I haven't played it, is it still popular? I've read about control issues, have they been fixed?

piroh2182d ago

you should try it, it's something like Mario kart with play, create, share system. controls are similar to Crash Team Racing

sadly it's impossible to get platinum trophy

Rynx2182d ago

Not impossible, just time consuming.

Cajun Chicken2182d ago

I still need to get this one for my collection and LBP2.

shammgod2182d ago

good to see the community still working hard...i need to get back into it