DICE Talks About How Battlefield 3 Uses DirectX 11

Patrick Liu of DICE interviewed on “We added a ton of stuff – we basically rewrote the rendering engine from scratch to add real-time radiosity on the PC… it produces amazing indoor lighting… for the scale of the maps we implemented new streaming technology, so we make bigger maps than we have ever been able to before.”

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kcuthbertson2335d ago

I wish DICE would make up their fucking minds and say whether or not ONE or TWO 580's will max this game..

First they say most footage has been shown on a single 580, then this guy says you'll be safe with dual 580's..I sure fucking hope so...that's $1000 in video cards alone..

Raider692335d ago

Well frankly im upset too by the lack of definition from Dice regarding the graphics card needs to max this game.I have a gtx 580 but after the burning set ups on gamescom 11 and all this talk of SLI/CFX from Dice im not sure what to think.I guess im not putting this game on my system until i get feedback on single card stability.

fossilfern2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Going by the Alpha id say one 580 is more than enough to run it max. My friend was running it max on a 6870 and i was running it well on a 4870

AKS2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Wasn't that in DX9, though? I'm worried about it will run in DX11, especially considering that I have AMD cards and BF3 has been an Nvidia lovefest lately.

I got a superb frame rate in the Alpha, but I don't want to play a game like this in DX9. I've invested in a decent gaming rig because I want the latest effects and features.

Pandamobile2334d ago

Bf3 doesn't even support DirectX 9

AKS2335d ago

I have two 6950s in CF and have been seeing Nvidia plastered everywhere every time I see this game. I'm somewhat concerned about that given the mess the DX11 update for Crysis 2 has been for AMD card owners.

If it needs two GTX 580s and it is specialized for Nvidia cards, I might have reason to be concerned. It's DICE, though, and I don't think they'd do what Crytek did and ignore AMD card owners.

ATi_Elite2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Nvidia loves to brain wash and use scare tactics to sell cards. Just like they paid 4A Games/ThQ to go along with that crap about Metro 2033 needing a GTX 480 SLi to run maxed out....cough *bullshite* cough!

Now you got this dweeb saying “you’ll definitely be safe with dual NVIDIA GTX 580s in SLI.”

Just be realistic and say no Official System Requirements have been announced by DICE and EA but whatever they are our products and driver team are ready!! I would totally respect that comment versus you suggesting I blindly spend $1000!

The video card market is clearly targeted for the $150 to $275 range and that's the area Devs like to work in for game performance!!

You do not see AMD telling people to be safe during the Hurricane gaming marathons and run out and buy a HD6990 CFX set-up

AMD or Nvidia doesn't matter BF3 will run great on both!!

dontbhatin2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

well i just ordered all of my parts for my first build just for bf3 and I'm curious as to how it might run.

i know I'm probably asking too much but here is my setup for the parts that will be here on wednesday.

4 gigs of gaming ready g.skill ddr3 ram

amd phenom 2 x4 965 black edition 3.4ghz

XFX radeon 6850 1 gb 256 bit ddr5

any feedback from anybody would be great.

AKS2334d ago


I have a bit to say about XFX. I got my first XFX card (a 6950) in my latest gaming PC I built this summer, and I can't say I'm wild about the quality. I also have a similarly priced HIS 6950 IceQX Turbo (they are in CF) that blows the doors off of it. Faster and substantially quieter and cooler. I'm talking +70C versus ~55C. Wind tunnel versus barely audible. Maybe I just got a bad apple? I must have given how many love XFX, but I've been significantly more impressed with manufacturers like HIS and EVGA. My XFX card seems like an average card with a really strong warranty.

As far as BF3 specifically, my guess is that it would run on high to mostly high settings, and I think Crossfiring a second 6850 would be a good idea if you can. As far as top end performance, my guess is that ultra caliber single card performance is going to start in the GTX 570/ 6970 range assuming the dual GTX 580 business is a marketing ploy. For absolute top end performance maxed with TSAA and whatnot, I'd guess GTX 580 or Crossfire/SLI 6950, 6970/ GTX 560Ti/570 and above will be needed. If TSAA is going to be like ubersampling in The Witcher 2, I don't mind going without that, as I didn't think it merited the crazy frame gobbling to look only slightly better.

I have G.Skill RAM. I've had zero problems with it other than getting the stegosaurus fins on the top to fit under my CPU cooler. Seems like a very high quality product.

I have a 2600K, so I can't comment about your CPU. I would expect BF3 to definitely be more demanding than average.

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Gran Touring2335d ago

I can only imagine how DICE is utilizing DX11, BF3 being one of the first games being built from the ground up under its api.

gravemaker2335d ago

alpha runs at 40-60 fps with core 2 quad and gtx 570
sure 580 will be fine

MGRogue20172335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

I think it's safe to say that the PC platform is the one to buy your copy of the game for if you'd like to fully enjoy the full visual experience of BF3.

I've also heard that the game has full Xbox 360 controller for Windows support as well for those times where you'd like to lay back & play with a pad.. so, if you are a multi-platform owner with a high-end PC/laptop, then you know which platform to buy the game for. :)

Raider692335d ago

I hope that the full support for Xbox 360 controller on PC its true.I loved the support on Witcher 2.And playing this on 42 screen or above sitting in my couch,i will be in heaven.


I have a computer with a athlon II x4 640 3ghz, 12gigs of ram and a gtx 570 do you guys think I can run this decently or should I just get it for the xbox? Being a new pc gamer is confusing to me because I don't know what games would work good or not.

ECM0NEY2334d ago

Just a warning...

IF you are planning on playing this game online with a 360 controller prepare to get smashed. Mouse is way more accurate then a controller.

But i do agree Witcher 2 controller support was awesome! I used it.

meetajhu2335d ago

Rage will demolish this game graphically even with low system requirements. Idtech 5>>>Frostbite 2

AKS2335d ago

Demolish it? RAGE will undoubtedly look very impressive, and I would expect this given it's the latest from id and is a showpiece for their new engine, but to "demolish it" this game would have to not only match it (a much more sensible position), but also look significantly better than BF3 and pretty much anything else that is being released on PC, and I don't see that happening. If any upcoming release ends up looking better than BF3, I would guess that would be Metro: Last Light.

It's really not necessary to say something else will be "demolished" or whatever to try to boost the profile of the game you like. That type of behavior just makes you look foolish.

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