7 Minute Starhawk Interview

Dualshock Nexus: At PAX Prime we got a chance to interview Harvard Bonin who just so happens to be the senior producer for LightBox Interactive's Starhawk. During our interview Mr. Bonin discussed how the team feels about working on a single player campaign, the possibility of retro maps, and much more!

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1Victor2335d ago

# 1 complaint of warhawk was no story, 50 to 1 says # 1 complaint or starhawk will be story screw my game bring back my old hawk.No matter what I'll get starhawk day 1 but there's nothing like the last one I play it every time I go online at least a match or two.I hope the add a auto game balance I hate going into a game 10 on 5 >:(

BitbyDeath2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Can't wait to see what other surprises they have instore for us.