MW3 Maps and Gamemodes

GameNTrain: In case you haven’t heard, this weekend will be Activisions large MW3 event known as CODXP. This will basically be a huge unveiling of MW3 with a side bonus of an awesome paint ball course mixed in. Yeah, I wish I lived in California to experience this. To go along with this event, the Multiplayer will be available for play. Of course, information has already begun to be leaked out. Follow me down the rabbit hole and find out what I mean.

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Forbidden_Darkness2516d ago

Well, since Activision took it down already, we know that it is real. It's funny how everything is getting leaked and the game is still over 2 months away. Either way, can't wait for this game.

DarkTower8052516d ago

^^^ Troll 2.0

Really, you don't like the game, great. But nobody wants to read your troll comment.

OT, I can't wait for the game. Especially since I'll be playing it with the new Sony 7.1 wireless head set.

chaldo2516d ago

Awww why uMAD bro? It's not my fault COD is the same bs every year. (bored)

inb4 u say i have no life commenting here. Seriously I just like reading peoples orgasms over the same game ;)

cyborg69712516d ago

How much were those headsets? And how do they sound?

chaldo2516d ago


lulwtf u talking about?

DarkTower8052516d ago

@ cyborg6971, I don't have them yet. They release on sept. 6th. I got them on a deal on Amazon for $60, but now they're $100.

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DEA Fresh2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

If I lived in California I would've bought a ticket. You get to play and see MW3 before it comes out. Play in the tournament. Paintball on a mock up of scrapyard. Kanye west concert. Meet the devs and get probably a bunch of free swag. Also a voucher for the hardened edition. Well worth the $150 of each ticket.

I went to the first to play event for halo 3 at the IMAX in NYC. It was alot of fun and didn't include half that stuff. Granted it was free

RyuCloudStrife2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

I'm soo dam hyped :)

Haters will Hate, of course...

Miiikeyyy2516d ago

People getting hyped over the same old game

Tres212516d ago

yea but most games are rehashes of the same thing o well if u not makin a game get over it..& why does this site always get broken down 2 fightin over dumbness if it aint my system is better than urs or my pc is better than ur laptop, my games better than urs..when most ppl r possed 2 be here cuz we all lik gaming period & then we wonder why ppl talk about gamers being losers & violent smh

BlitzAK2516d ago

Why have a new experiance when you know you can have a refreshed loved experiance.

SpitFireAce852516d ago

I hope there is coverage like a youtube or facebook link.

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