Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection Box Art You Wish You Could Have

A game’s box art may not prove vital to one’s enjoyment of the said title; however, the art on the case can act as the initial attraction to a consumer and draw them to the game in question.

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UNCyrus2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Two colors, playing against each other's contrast. Great use of both negative and positive space, and artwork that is representative of both the simplicity and complexity of each title?

I'd say this cover is a job well done.

Quagmire2462d ago

You know your shit. you do graphic design? im in digital myself.

CaptainMarvelQ82463d ago

no way pendejo,simplicity rules.

Sevir042463d ago

Or the methods used to bring it all together.

On topic: looks amazing, and considering the over all aesthetics of both Icon and Shadow of the Collosus, is say they nailed this. Both games have a very inpressionistic art style for their graphic presentation with both positive and negative colors complimenting each other well. Great box are. Love the arouse difference in screen toning used to create this one! :-)

GTRrocker2463d ago

That box art is okay. It would have looked better with a color other than brown.

pneboy2462d ago

because examiner are too lazy to link to the source