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EdwardS0872368d ago

Not a lot of buzz around this game...I hope they continue the dark humor, level design and adult nature of Max Payne.

Blaze9292368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

not a lot of buzz because there's not a lot of info and no one knows wtf is going on. Game was supposed to come out Winter 2009....

But knowing Rockstar, they just don't randomly release media for stuff without having some kind of announcement coming after. 'GTA' trilogy coming to Mac after all three games being out for so long...

ATi_Elite2368d ago

That's a waste!

Just get Boot camp and buy windows 7. Bam you can now play all the PC Games on a Crap Ooops i mean a Mac!

With Steve Jobs gone i see Apple selling some Macs with a Windows OS.

chaldo2368d ago

I hope it's like Max Payne 1.

MasterD9192368d ago

Wonder why it took so many years to make a sequel...

Neckbear2368d ago

...Yet what we get is something that, from the looks of it, is Max Payne in title alone.

Brownghost2368d ago

Red dead, la noire, gta dlc, are the reasons it took so long ad this might not come out until gta 5 comes out this game might no come out until 2013

Camb316912368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

@MasterD919 - I'm pretty sure it was announced in 2008, for a release of winter 2009. Then it was delayed with no new info. Seeing these pictures he looks different then when they first announce it. My guess is they did what happened in Splinter Cell Conviction. Delayed it to redo everything.

I'm pretty sure there was an uproar over the new character design of Max Payne for the third one he was old as hell and was bald. I bet Rock star is redoing stuff.

Rampaged Death2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

It's looking good. How long is it going to take R* until we see some damn footage ?!?

Excalibur2368d ago

these two pictures are encouraging, i hope they dropped that Hobo Stone cold Steve Austin look.

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The story is too old to be commented.