What developers can learn from Notch

Button Combo writes: "Developers. The magicians who are able to construct entire realms and worlds to explore for vast amounts of hours. These worlds manage to suck away hours and hours and allow us to be apart of a world where everything is a possibility.

With such a great weight of responsibility on their shoulders, developers truly hold the key to the next best selling game with the click of the mouse and the keystrokes on the keyboard. However, as creativity tends to go, once the initial excitement and wonder is gone, money is the only goal at the end of the tunnel. While not an immoral or wrong objective, this tends to get in the way of creating an environment which can captive creativity and expand it beyond means..."

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vglulz2272d ago

I love Notch and I don't even play Minecraft.

What a guy.

Jio2272d ago

I wish everyone settled lawsuits with video game matches

egidem2272d ago

Yes, I wish that too, but some companies, namely Apple, would think it's unfair to do such a thing.

Quagmire2272d ago

I wish wars were fought online instead of on the battlefield with real bullets.

SactoGamer2272d ago

I can't stand either, though I prefer Notch to the Angry Birds guy.

vglulz2272d ago

Why can't you stand them? I'm not looking for an argument, just intrigued.

Jio2272d ago

Arrogance? Explain how they are arrogant please

GoldenPheasant2272d ago

Notch, ma boy! Hey buddy, did you know I'm buying Skyrim used because of you...High Five!

JellyJelly2272d ago

I didn't know that. Omgwtf! /Notch