Nintendo reveals details on gold Wii Remote Plus Skyward Sword bundle, new game release dates, more

Nintendo has just announced details on a limited-edition bundle for Zelda: Skyward Sword that will contain a gold Wii Remote Plus and CD. New release dates for other games as well.

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user8586212392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Pokemon Rumble Blast
One Piece SP

Tales of the Abyss
Mario Land 3D

Mario Kart


mike1up2391d ago


Sounds like you're gonna have a nice holiday. No StarFox?

Farsendor12392d ago

almost the same games we have seen from nintendo since the snes.

tetris,and mario.

and pokemon at the end of snes generation.

mike1up2391d ago

pokemon was on the SNES?

Farsendor12391d ago

never said pokemon was for snes read my freaking
comment again i said at the end of snes generation even though nintendo 64 came out in 97 and pokemon came out in 96 pokemon was playable on snes with the SUPER GAMEBOY Adapter Cartridge

even though my comment does make it out to seem like i meant it was on super nintendo

mike1up2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )


"never said pokemon was for snes read my freaking comment"

Your original comment never mentioned the SUPER GAMEBOY Adapter Cartridge.

"pokemon came out in 96 pokemon was playable on snes with the SUPER GAMEBOY Adapter Cartridge"

Ummm ok? so i guess it was availabe on the SNES. It just depends on how you look at it. I certainly didnt mean to upset you. I honestly didnt know about the SUPER GAMEBOY Adapter Cartridge.

CDbiggen2392d ago

"As a North American exclusive to the overall Professor Layton and the Last Specter package, a bonus role-playing game called Professor Layton’s London Life™ containing more than 100 hours of additional content will be available to players from the start of the game."

*Sigh* No chance of seeing this in the UK then :(

pcz2391d ago

disappointed. these controller bundles are played out now, nothing special. I have so many controllers already through these bundles. One with goldeneye, one with monster hunter tri, one with xenoblade...

nintendo need to come up up with a special edition that makes it... special. a zelda/link figurine would be cool. even a steelbook/tin case would be better.

i have a gold controller with goldeneye.

i will just get the standard edition