Driver San Francisco Developer Diary 3 Multiplayer Video

Ubisoft has released a brand new developer diary for Driver San Francisco. This time, the team at Ubisoft Reflections focuses on the game’s multiplayer component.

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rocky902371d ago

they shud have just made a driver game for the 3DS or PS VITA...the console version just cant compete with GTA, Need for speed etc...

toxic-inferno2370d ago

I don't think it's making any attempt to compete with GTA or Need for Speed.

The Driver series has always been in an obscure little genre on its own.

user8586212370d ago

There is a driver game coming out on the 3DS next month, Driver - Renegade

Quagmire2370d ago

The game sucks, just move onto making a better one, please.

Yuprules2370d ago

Well, they still have to release it. They can't just drop it and "move on to the next one".