PAX Prime 2011: Halo: Anniversary is better than your memories (Bitmob)

Nostalgia is a powerful force; it can trick us into thinking something is greater than it actually is. Halo: Anniversary, on the other hand, takes what was already great and makes it better than ever...and yet still exactly the same.

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NagaSotuva2397d ago

If my ex looked better now than she did 10 years ago, I would totally date her again. I just convinced myself to get this game.

GamerSciz2397d ago

You remember you ex of 10 years ago? Impressive...I don't remember what happened last week.

OT: This game was a huge innovation in console shooters. The Anniversary edition seems to bring it all back so vividly but yet with a new feel. It's a must have for any Halo fan.

Sadie21002397d ago

Kinda creepy. You still keeping close tabs on all your ex's? ;)

Theo11302397d ago

my memories of halo entail me getting high and playing multiplayer with friends, I don't know it halo anniversary can re-create that.

crazytown992397d ago

I love that newer remakes are making the original graphics available. I look forward to wondering why I was ever afraid of The Flood.

Delt42396d ago

I can't press the agree button enough for this ^