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Get ready for the ultimate countdown in the GameTrailers Top 100 Video Game Count down.

User's Choice - We pulled the highest ratest trailers as chosen by the GT Community over the years. Visit our User's Choice page and vote for your favorite trailer as the best of the best. The winner will be anounced on October 7th.

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darthv722486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

I really dig that halo 2 reveal trailer. Its the music. So dramatic and it really sets the tone.

The halo 3 reveal trailer is good in that grand scope of looking out over the cliff. Again....the music is the key.

mgs4, kz2...the list goes on. I cant wait to see where some of these trailers fall into their list.

Gears of war - mad world trailer....nuff said.

ZeroChaos2486d ago

Isn't the believe trailer that diorama one? You know that miniature set with the action going on. Not the cliff one.

darthv722486d ago

Yeah. What humble is eluding to is the miniature halo battle tv spot. That one is pretty neat. I think you can find that on live still along with the making of vidoc.

Swiggins2486d ago

Ooohhhhh, this is a neat idea =)

Hmmmm....Favorite Gametrailer....I'm gonna say....Dead Island.

user8586212486d ago

Best trailer I've seen this year is easily Metro - The Last Light

Prcko2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

Mgs 4!
Best trailer ever created!!!

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