In an alternate reality, Sonic games still kick ass

The upcoming Sonic Generations looks promising because it’s taking the franchise back to its roots, but Sega has filled our hearts with hope before, only to let us down.

Bitmob Intern Samir Torres has located a warp to an alternate realm where Sonic the Hedgehog games have never sucked. Let’s explore five of the most awesome, yet suspiciously familiar titles he found.

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NagaSotuva2516d ago

Quick, someone tell me how to reach that alternate dimension!

choadley2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

In an alternate reality, Sega never went into making consoles and instead bought out the best talent working on the Super Nintendo.

Tolkoto2516d ago

This alternate reality is called my heart.

Sadie21002516d ago

You guys are so nuts about's redic!

crazytown992516d ago

I would totally play a game featuring a cybernetic porcupine.

rod_furlong2516d ago

I hear Battle Hogs is really tough.

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