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Submitted by acronkyoung 1623d ago | opinion piece

How the Wii U could recapture hardcore audiences

How will Nintendo convince Wii-weary audiences to give the Wii U a chance? Read on to find out. ( Pikmin 2, Industry, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Wii, Wii U)

dark-hollow  +   1623d ago
Nintendo first party games are great and everything, but they gotta show us some third party love!
Most famous hardcore titles are third pary and ends up on 360/ps3 and the pc while nintendo consoles get left in the dust.

That, and an online service that's doesn't suck!
Friend codes??? Come on! This is 2011. Nintendo should stop their arrogance before it's too late.
ape007  +   1623d ago
as intersting as the wiiu sound like, it still gota hard job ahead

the tablet controller is nowhere near as big or innovative as the wiimote was, it will have a hard time getting casual gamers like the wii did and as for the CORE gamers, it may be too little and too late, psn and xbl are full of them and they have their games loooong time ago, it will be difficult imo to get their attention for a "tablet enhanced" cod, bioshock, gta or bf, let alone creating a compelling online service like xbl or psn

theoretically imo, the major wiiu selling point is the nextgen HD nintendo games
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FlintGREY  +   1623d ago
I'm actually getting pretty tired of Nintendo's first party games...mainly Mario.

The older I get, the more I hate it.
ChickeyCantor  +   1623d ago
So you are saying you are becoming a grumpy old man?
TBM  +   1623d ago
Im actually gonna wait about an half yr/yr after its released to see i'll purchase one. I myself just can't get excited for their games anymore as im getting older.
dangert12  +   1623d ago
Online fee's for multiplayer
loads of shooters
Tight closed Platform
3 exclusives wothy of naming...thats three not 3 series
(alan wake,halo 3,forza 3)
A UI that has overly happy avatars and bight colours fit for a unicorn
this is what i was told was home of the hardcore gamers I don't believe It personally I thought home of the hardcore gamers would be In a gaming enthusiasts house
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dark-hollow  +   1623d ago
Bashing the 360 in a wii u article.
Isn't great to be a hardcore Sony fan?
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ape007  +   1623d ago
that's insecurity
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dangert12  +   1623d ago
never said i was a hardcore sony fan not once and how am i insecure? ive been told by loads of people xbox live is the home for hardcore gaming im not insecure in anyway ive got my games and enjoy them could't careless if anyone else don't also thats not bashing the 360 its my opinion on xbox/xbl which some of it is more factual then opinion like online fee's i think you two are insecure
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ChickeyCantor  +   1623d ago
"never said i was a hardcore sony fan "

Who said anything about saying it yourself?
dark-hollow  +   1623d ago
@Dangret, this is an article about the wii u,
Why in love of god you felt the need to bring up the 360/xbl??
Go to xbox live related articles and release what grudges you holds against them there.
dangert12  +   1622d ago
Its about recaputing hard audience on the wii so i said what they could do from other hardcore consoles whats wrong with that?
NagaSotuva  +   1623d ago
How about a new Fatal Frame? The extra controller would serve as the camera's viewfinder.
crazytown99  +   1623d ago

But also kinda NO. Because I would piss myself.
Blacktric  +   1623d ago
"How the Wii U could recapture hardcore audiences"

Ditch the crappy gimmicks, acquire much more talented first party studios and get on the good side of some third party developers. Stop releasing Mario crap for every year and give it a rest. And finally, create 2-3 new IPs aimed purely for the hardcore crowd. But we all know none of these are gonna happen and they'll keep serving the retarded soccer mom crowd by releasing Mario Beach Part 69 and some other bullshit. Just admit it, Nintendo is dead. 3DS launched with literally no killer apps and with an outrageous price tag considering the capabilities, they barely managed to cherish the crowd at E3 with Wii U and they just can't leave the gimmicks behind. For God's sake, we're living in an age where social connectivity is everything to some people, yet these r-tards are keep saying that they won't care too much for the online multiplayer part.
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dark-hollow  +   1623d ago
"Mario beach part 69"
Sounds like a cheesy porn movie.....
yabhero  +   1622d ago
Nintendo is winning right now and they're very far away from death. Metroid and Zelda are hardcore. They need more games like that. Nintendo is trying to keep things low-key until the reveal when they release some really legit free online service with a stupid but inevitably catchy name. They've already got EA, Ubisoft and likely Activision. Wii U is getting BF3, Assassin's Creed, Batman Arkham City and Metro Last Light all with specific modes for Wii U. " Hardcore" gamers call innovation gimmicks because they have their hands are glued to Xbox/PS3 controllers. People times are changing. Real gamers know that FPS's are better with WiiMotion Plus or PSMove. The crowd at E3 was ecstatic because Nintendo keeps reinventing Mario.
When you argue this statement. Say something more intelligent and less biased. Also don't come back with a lame argument like " you're a fanboy."
Blacktric  +   1622d ago
"Real gamers know that FPS's are better with WiiMotion Plus or PSMove."

Erm. No. No they don't. They know that standard controllers are still better than both Wii Mote and Move. If they were better than normal controllers, most of the developers out there would start making games specifically designed for them to force the users buy and use them. Does Battlefield 3 have Move support? No. Does Modern Warfare 3 has it? No. Uncharted, Mass Effect 3, etc. These games are all action based an all getting released for PS3 but they don't have Move support and one of them is an exclusive game. We call Wii Mote and Wii U controller gimmicky because they are. If you honestly think that you can beat an average gamer with a Wiimote or using the even more gimmicky Wii U controller, you are very, very wrong. Oh and, you're the one who's using crappy arguments and trying way too hard to profile me as a fanboy, thus making you in return, a fanboy. Congrats. Still laughing at the "The crowd at E3 was ecstatic because Nintendo keeps reinventing Mario." part. Living in denial must be hard.
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sarshelyam  +   1623d ago
I remain ever the pessimist on the Wii U. After the completely confusing "message" in the Wii U unveil, and my hands on at E3, I just...wasn't feeling what they were trying to do here.

Furthermore, I'm still not a motion fan, so forcing it down my throat is not a pleasing endeavor. Adopt Sony's mantra and make the control optional (for most games), with the primary classic controller as the staple for those of us who just want to sit down...relax...please?!?
TheTruth89  +   1623d ago
this console isn't even out, and i'm already annoyed by it and its stupid news..
Burning_Finger  +   1623d ago

The whole concept of Wii-U looks like a major gimmick from Nintendo. U don't need a second screen to play hardcore games. U need a better controller and superior online capabilities to achieve and interact better with other people.
jacksheen0000  +   1623d ago
How the Wii U could recapture hardcore audiences??

(1) Nintendo need to buy at least one successful Game Studio that has the experiences to create FPS on Par with Gears/kill zone.

(2)Nintendo needs to create new IPs and create new stories for their current on-going AAA titles.

(3)Nintendo have to make the online experience as good as XBL/PSN or better.

(4) Nintendo need to stay away form Game port as much as possible simply because the Wii U is a NexGen console, and if the Games play and Graphics looks too close to the PS3/360 games; then there's really isn't any point in buying the Wii U.However, Some Port are OK as long as it is in HD.

(5)Have lots of Games ready that are worth buying at launch.
lionelglitchy  +   1623d ago
1 like kilzone a generic syfy shooter
2 agree with you
3xbl\psn hacked to f%$k
4 agree
xf  +   1623d ago
Does the tablet display in 3D?. If it does, it will be a disaster. You will have to constantly look between two screens (TV and tablet) while playing a game. It will destroy your eyes if you have to keep readjusting them for the 3D. Also, im no expert, but i can already tell that you wont be able to play a fast paced game (COD, MvC3) with that tablet, it's way too chunky. The person in charge of R&D at Nintendo needs to be replaced with somebody who can think about these things and not just sit there giggling and saying "We are gonna make a crap load of cash because we are Nintendo". It's poorly designed just like the 3DS was.
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axisofweevils  +   1623d ago
Tablet's not in 3D.
ChickeyCantor  +   1623d ago
How can you go so far to just tell everyone you know nothing about this product and then rant about said information which isn't even known to you or true for that matter?

A simple google search will help you out.
xf  +   1623d ago
@ sidar
I have just read up about it.
The console will support 3D, not the tablet. Now, my question to you is: how the hell is that any different from what i said above?. If you have a 3DTV, then you are still looking between a normal screen and a 3D screen. If Nintendo dont drop support for 3DTV's, they'll be getting lawsuits from people who used the Wii-U with a 3DTV. Either way, Nintendo should not have 3D in the console. It's an overlooked design flaw, the same type of design flaws that the 3DS is full of.
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yabhero  +   1622d ago
you know all the game sites sya the controller is light weight and easy to play on anyway now they can use the wii motion plus and a sharpshooter thing like ps3 for fps's thats how their mean to be played anyway
lionelglitchy  +   1623d ago
had to laugh out loud at that article "the wii suffered from lag and hacking and what it needs maybe is a subsciption based model like xbox live"i play online with my xbox most nights and its full of hackers when mw2 first came out i used to get 20 or 30 messages about prestige hacking everyday and i still get them cod on psn is hacked as well so what does he mean.It's just more nintendo flaming disguised as a supportive article.Just how insecure are these ps360 fanboys
Titanz  +   1623d ago
Keys to success
1.)Better online infrastructure.

2.)More 3rd party support.

3.)Nintendo first party software.
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Leathersoup  +   1623d ago
How can the Wii U recapture hardcore audiences? By Nintendo not treating their customers like shit. How does Nintendo do this? By not holding back games from North American release like they're doing on the Wii.

Why would someone buy their new console after they've just finished dangling all sorts of games in front of their customers and then not releasing them? What's to stop you from doing the same thing on the next system? Nothing.

And Nintendo has demonstrated nothing to me to make me believe that they plan to do otherwise. They just want to make money off of the hardware and then do the least possible to support it software wise.
iStation  +   1623d ago
They have already failed.

By not making it a true next gen system they have created a port machine.

The Nintendo fanboys will buy it of course, but the hardcore won't. And I doubt the casuals will bother.

Nintendo fanboy: Have you preordered the WiiU yet?
Typical casual gamer: I already have a Wii.
yabhero  +   1622d ago
the ps4 is only slightly stronger than ps3 according to sony and the xbox 720 will focus on graphics so the Wii U is is a good spot as a next gen console. your statement was false. hardcore will buy it. fanboy who call themselves hardcore because they shoot thign on their butts instead of getting up and using a wiizapper/ps3 sharpshooter will not buy it
Vickistheman  +   1623d ago
My list would be:

-Have a true next-gen cpu and graphics chip
-Have a traditional controller that's comfortable to hold(kinda like the dualshock 3 or 360 controller)
-Make the Ipad controller super light and comfortable
-Have a free online service up to par with PSN
-Be able to use more than one ipad controller per machine
-Have a Zelda or Mario launch title with next gen graphics
-Better 3rd party support
-Showcase the ipad controller and it's features with a killer app launch title
-Bigger hard drive, 500 gigs minimum
-Make the WiiU a multimedia hub
-Bluray drive
-Launch at $399
-Make some new IPs
Some of this is probably impossible but w/e.
Ness-Psi  +   1623d ago
I know how Wii U can recapture the hardcore gamer, hide behind a bush with a big net.
mike1up  +   1622d ago

Funny, but i dont think "hardcore" gamers go outside.
Ness-Psi  +   1622d ago
damn foiled again! lol
mike1up  +   1622d ago

But there's no way im paying for online services. I want Nintendo to catch up with online gaming too, but in the days of DLC and Netflix, it feels like such a rip off. Sony doesnt charge for online services, and they have done fine this gen. Im getting a WiiU, but there is no way i will pay for services that another console offers for free.
Ness-Psi  +   1622d ago
I hope it ain't true that Nintendo are gonna leave on-line to third parties otherwise we will be paying thru the nose for it, Nintendo needs to put its own stamp on things, there's enough templates they can use just look at XBlive/PSN/steam/origin. I'm sure ninty can do one just as good.
sal77  +   1621d ago
wtf is hardcore

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