Weekend Recap: Deus Ex gets fashionable, Kanye West on Call of Duty XP, and more

Bitmob intern Samir Torres recaps the weekend's biggest gaming news in hilarious photoshop form.

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NagaSotuva2514d ago

Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection sounds good, but I prefer MK Trilogy.

Tolkoto2514d ago

I had MK Trilogy for the N64. What a mess to play with that controller.

crazytown992514d ago

I haven't played an MK since MK2. I couldn't keep up with all the lore.

Sadie21002514d ago

If that screenshot were a real game, that'd be pretty damn amazing. Maybe when we have 256-bit systems...someday.

KrimsonKody2514d ago

I always thought that MK screenshot was so kool, I remember seeing it in a magazine back in the day (maybe GamePlayers or EGM).
I think if Sony retains the Resistance franchise, they will use it as a wild card for next-gen. You know the drill; revamp series, same concept, but new art direction, slightly different gameplay, etc.
& Kanye does'nt seem like a gamer to me. He's the type of guy that will tell you he's playing "game A", & as he begins explaining the game to you, your like "um, no...that's actually game B", & Kanye would'nt care one bit about the incorrection.

Oh; & the photoshop captions were funny.
Also, I don't think I'll ever get that horrible sound of a 16-bit Sheeva or Sonya running in MK3;

ATi_Elite2514d ago

or the 16 bit sound of Raidens "hajibaba daiiiie!!!" when he does the torpedo!

the Warcry one!!

ATi_Elite2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

As a HUGE Michigan fan i really wanna make a joke outta this but the caption is funny enough!

Kanye correction "Call of Duty I'll let you finish but Battlefield 3 is the greatest series of all time"