Why Deus Ex Human Revolution Is Rubbish give five ways Deus Ex 3 is utter crap... or not.

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Kran2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

1. "Why is there only one (or perhaps two) apartment in an entire block?"

Sorry, what? Maybe the reason you cant access other apartment is because there no need to?!

2. "There’s no stacking of small items in the inventory."

The guns are smaller than you think, which is why he is able to hide them. Or it could be like some games; you know where you can "hide your helmet" even though it has great stats but you hate the look of it. And Items do stack. And I love a little bit of realism in games.

3. "Sprinting"

As you said, he can be upgraded. To be fair, he has been augmented, and for all you know, augmentation can be very heavy.

4. "Pre-order exclusives just get worse and worse, don’t they?"

Uh... how about "dropping" the items?

5. "The tranquiliser gun"

They're wearing freaking armor. Of course its going to take a little while. In the wild, it takes a good 10+ minutes to knock out an animal. Be glad this tranq takes around 10 seconds.

All your reasons are just bad.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2398d ago

In response to your response to #5.

You'd think in this futuristic setting some multibillion dollar multinational pharmaceutical company would have developed a faster acting anaesthetic, wouldn't you? Of curse if you shoot the guard in the foot it'll still take awhile to work.

Quick tip for the author. Aim for the carotid. It'll carry the anaesthetic straight to the brain.

Blacktric2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

I'm sorry but how the heck is that possible? Speed of the bloodstream is same most of the time so it'll always take a while for a person to faint after get shot in certain areas. And you can always put them down instantly by a headshot while using tranq gun.

ATi_Elite2398d ago

Actually they do have fast acting anesthetic! they put some in your I.V. and tell you to count backwards from 10.

by the time you get to 6 your slurring words and by 3 your snoring! So 10 seconds in the game is right on!!

The only instant acting knock out medicine is a brick to the head!

Theonetheonly2398d ago

Well I love the game. Games with this Depth with this level of fidelity are rare these days with all the cookie cutter stuff going around.

The only thing I do not like about this game are the


If metro 2033 can load in less than 4 seconds (literally while the dude is just beginning to read the paragraphs it says press a to start.)
this game should be a piece of cake but it isnt, it takes upwards of a minute and a half to 2 sometimes. Absolutely Rediculous.

Aside from that one thing I love it.

juggulator2398d ago

The only thig i don't like about the game is the shooting controls and the fact that you can't change them. After all it is an FPS.

Kushan2398d ago

Shoot them in the head with the tranq rifle and it knocks them out almost instantly. Never had a problem with it so far (of course, it's still better to get up close and take them down).

Sarcasm2397d ago

This just reminds me of one of those articles that tries to go against the grain.

It's a good game damn it, but nooooo there's always someone out there finding incredibly trivial things to complain about.

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Pro_TactX2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

The tranquilizer gun takes effect instantly if you score a headshot.

I actually prefer the delay for limb and body shots. I can shoot one enemy in the leg, reload, and shoot the second enemy in the head. Both fall at the same time so neither sees the other on the ground.

OdinFallen2398d ago

I agree with you there, the game has an assortment of tactical choices, you sir, do I what I do.

SnotyTheRocket2398d ago

I do that too, I also got the upgrade you can buy for the tranq gun, it tells you where to shoot on the body for what effect, neck for fast, body for slow.

JsonHenry2398d ago

There are a lot more than one or two apartments and apartment buildings per block (in Detroit anyway).

You can stack some small items.

Sprinting is kinda lame even when upgraded.

The tranq gun is insta-knock out if you hit them in the neck or head.

BlackSpartan1872398d ago

I agree with sprinting though. I can sprint for 60 seconds in real life. But in the game, six seconds with augmentations,are your serious. But other than that, the game is awesome.

grailly2398d ago

number 3 is my only problem with the game, you don't feel augmented... sprinting is one thing but, without the no-fall-damage-upgrade you die by jumping from the first floor... also needing energy to take out an opponent from behind is kinda lame, I'de guess any trained law enforcer could take someone out by surprise.

thesummerofgeorge2398d ago

I think the point of the energy being used to knock peeps out is less about realism and more to prevent you from just waiting behind a door and insta-knocking out every guard from behind until they're all gone. It just forces you to vary your strategy.

Theonetheonly2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

good Game

SITH2398d ago

Shoot people in the head with a tranquilizer and it renders them unconscious almost instantly.

joab7772397d ago

Its funny that ppl seriously refute these issues. I think u deserve the hits simply because its hilarious. Some reasons r because its too realistic and some because it isn't. But, the point is made. Its a great game and difficult to find issues. My number 1: a few glitches that forced me to replay a few hours.

Tzuno2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

No game is perfect and those who scored 10 are very good but not perfect. The game is ok and is fun to play.

showtimefolks2397d ago

Very very long loading times frustrating how when you due it still takes firever to load the last check point. Shooting feels weak this us by no means a shooter enemies have perfect aim it's very bad AI. Boss battles are frustrating and no one can deny that they are boring,dull and frustrating. So while the game is good it's in no way a 9/10 kind of game. Also graphics are dated too. Disagree all you want if you played the game everything I said is a fact

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fluffydelusions2398d ago

This was my fav game this year so far. This, Portal 2, and inFamous 2 are my top 3 thus far

joydestroy2398d ago

def my fav game out this year so far

Perjoss2398d ago

I'm rating this as one of the best game environments of all time, very close behind GTA IV's Liberty City and Red Dead's wild west setting. OK the cities in Deus Ex HR do have loading screens but the environment is still very big, intricate and just simply amazing and bursting with atmosphere.

lastdual2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

It's my top game so far this year as well. Heck, I'd put it up there with the best games this gen.

As much as I enjoyed games like Portal 2 and Dead Space 2, Deus Ex has just pulled me into its world on a whole other level. Don't know if it will beat out Skyrim for my personal GOTY, but it's pretty fantastic.

whydoyouask2398d ago

i love when people give their top game lists; they start off with a couple of truly great games and end with one that should never be spoken within same sentence as the previous ones.

hardandsloppy2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )


If you are refering to infamous 2, you need to get your head out of your ass. If you are talking about portal 2, you need to get your head out of your ass.

MysticStrummer2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

I love when people shoot down someone else's opinion, and then state their own opinion as fact. OT - DE:HR is awesome. One of my favorite games this generation.

Ravens202398d ago

hey, not our fault that u have no good exclusives to play on your shitbox LMAO.

suicidalblues2397d ago


And that's exactly why he made that comment. Seems like an inferiority complex to me. He's probably never even played the game.

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RockmanII72398d ago

How come when ever a really good game comes out there are always articles saying why it sucks? I think that's the best way to find a great game, look for articles complaining about it, I mean I've never seen an article saying "5 reasons why Vampire Rain sucks".

mastershredder2398d ago

You DON'T want to know.

Imagine something vampire-ish that wanted to be Metal Gear/Spliter Cell at the same time (minus MG awesomeness). It looked like something out of Metal Gear Solid, but then, just you start to realize it isn' face is sucked right off your skull. ...Just don't.

AfricanWoolf2398d ago

You know the article is a joke right? If you actually read the first few paragraphs the author says he made the title just to score extra fanboy hits.

He loooooooves the game and admits that these 5 things are the ONLY things he can find to nitpick if forced.

Had the same reaction as you, then read the article :)

xtremexx2398d ago

wow, i really need to read this, i cant find one bad point about this game apart from the slow loading screens on PC and its now fixed

consolez_FTW2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

I can't believe I gave this site a hit...Deus Ex is definitely not rubbish. If the author let these small things that aren't even really faults ruin the game for him then I feel really bad for him. The game is Awesome. Besides Infamous2, portal2, this is a contender for my GOTY so far.