Dead Island Wants to convince crafting system

Here we are waiting for some role playing elements, has talked about the Doug McLeod, Special Projects Consultant at Deep Silver. Specifically, he mentioned also the crafting of weapons systems, in which we find to our liking. Among other things, he spoke of a deodorant bomb, so it will obviously come to crazy combinations.

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facelike2334d ago

They want to convince the crafting system of what?

I think the title should read "Dead Island Developers Want A Convincing Crafting System"

Dlacy13g2334d ago

Agreed...this would be what we call bad editing, but what do you expect? Its a blog... you know the kind of thing that supposedly shouldn't be approved unless from an industry insider or well established.... oh its N4G nevermind.

CPmonkey2334d ago

I'm really sick of reading incoherent titles on N4G but at least I know not to read the article now.