Metro: Last Light Interview with Mark Madsen

GameSpot AU speaks to THQ's Mark Madsen to talk about Metro: Last Light's universe, their HUD-less goals and listening to fans of the first game!

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DA_SHREDDER2512d ago

One of the greatest games to come out this gen. I am one of those who considered this game a flawed masterpiece. First and foremost, the game starts off fundamentally flawed by being restrictive to a contained environment. It literally took me 2 days ($4 dollars renting from redbox) to beat this game. I'm not saying I want this to be like Fallout, all I'm saying that there was only enough content for it to be considered a rental, or bought used at gamestop for $15 bucks. Not that the game isn't worth as much as Fallout, COD, Skyrim day one, its just that most gamers get alot more than just a really sick single player game at a full price cost. Matter of fact, I just saw Borderlands GOTY edition Onlive for $5 bucks last friday. The game is way bigger than Metro, and it even has multiplayer. The story wasn't as good as Metro, but it was far from bad.

HeavenlySnipes2512d ago

Everyone talks about RAGE even though this game looks better than it.

Ness-Psi2511d ago

this games gonna be awesome.