The best God of War boss battles

GS Writes: "I was working through the God of War Origins for a review when I remembered how well the franchise has handled boss battles across different platforms and graphic capabilities.
This is, after all, a gaming experience built on brutality and the use of scale. Few games have consistently mixed updated technology boss battles better than has God of War. So I decided to search around for some examples of these great battles."

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arizona-techgeek2246d ago

So nobody liked the last one against Zeus? I thought it was really good.

TheBeast2246d ago

That is why you use the spoiler tag, dur.

Joule2246d ago

Hades was my favorite.

zeddy2245d ago

sisters of fate in gow2 that was great, where u have capture them in mirrors and smash them. but the leviathan fight at the start of gow3 was good too just becuase it looked so flipping good.

Eamon2245d ago

I liked the Colossus of Rhodes in GOW2 better than Leviathan in GOW3 tbh. =/

ATi_Elite2245d ago

Whoa! Somebody needs a bra and a gut buster!!

DarthBigE2245d ago

"I’m not saying God of War is among the best franchises in gaming history. It’s not. I’m not saying Kratos is one of the best characters in gaming. He’s not."

Lost any respect for the list after I read that.

Quagmire2245d ago

Gow is overrated. Fun, but overrated. And Kratos is a doushcebag, why would he be the best character? He's one-dimensional.

NexGen762245d ago

With God of War Origins can you play the PSP tiles on the PS3 now.....I don't own a PSP but i would love to play those GOW titles i missed out on PSP...thanks

theonlylolking2245d ago

Poseidon was my favorite. YOU CHALLENGE ME MORTAL!

leahcim2245d ago


zeddy2245d ago

i agree. gow3 > killzone 2 > uncharted 2.

ElDorado2245d ago

Killzone 2 has better graphics than Killzone 3? Wow, I know Killzone 3 is not as good as Killzone 2, but the graphics are superior in every possible way.

Quagmire2245d ago

Uncharted 2 > GOW3 > Kz2

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The story is too old to be commented.