Why Pokémon Crystal is the greatest game of all-time

ONM - To an outsider, the Pokémon games must seem insane. A ten-year old scurries off to explore the world alone, armed only with one tiny monster. Then they are constantly berated by wild animals and challenged to battles with fully grown bikers in a world where healthcare is free, yet lemonade costs £350.

And still we love it. We'd happily forgo our education in favour of befriending wild animals and training them to attack others.

Pokémon Crystal has everything a Pokémon trainer could want; the two best regions ever conceived, sixteen of the greatest gym battles, and 251 of the most iconic and beautiful pocket monsters ever created.

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jacksonmichael2276d ago

No need to read the article, I completely agree. :P

RedDead2276d ago

It's just another RPG. And considered a good one at that.

Me however, I like a story and find the combat too easy.

LOGICWINS2276d ago

Yeah..a Pokemon game. Problem? =)

rabidpancakeburglar2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Why not a pokemon game, they are great. I'll never forget how I felt playing pokemon blue for the first time as a kid, I've never felt that way about any game since. Pokemon crystal was a fantastic game and it's hard to argue that it's not the greatest game ever. Most people put more time into pokemon than they will other games.

trenso12276d ago

silver was my fav thats why i brought the remake plus it has crystal story in too with that guy who wants to capture suicune

LadyGaga2276d ago

Silver sucked. Gold was better.

trenso12276d ago

ok troll i dont care what you think which ia better. They were both good games. And i loved silver so i enjoyed myself and could care less if you didnt like silver. Its pokemon its not life

_Aarix_2275d ago

Im disagreeing you for hating and having that name.

cpayne932274d ago

They weren't that different...

MoreRPG2276d ago

i had pokemon crystal on my gameboy color and yeah i agree with the title

CaptainMarvelQ82276d ago

I hate how some articles here FORCE their opinion on you.Like saying "You're not a gamer unless you play those x number of games" and comes up with a list of his OWN based on his OWN opinions.Variety is there for a reason brudda,your game can be the best in YOUR opinion,but it's not like i have to make it my best game too,even if i've never played it.


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The story is too old to be commented.