Mad Max Meets Forza 4

Turn 10 has announced the 1973 Ford XB Falcon GT will be included in the Forza Motorsport 4 car roster. The inclusion of the XB marks the first time a classic Australian muscle car has been included in the series.

The car, famous for its role in Mad Max as Max's iconic Pursuit Special and the Eric Bana documentary Love the Beast, will join other antipodean automobiles like the HSV W427, Joss JT1 and at least two 2011 V8 Supercars in the game.

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rdgneoz32334d ago

The link is wrong btw. Its linking to the new official Femshep.

This is the correct link.

GamerSciz2334d ago

Thanks, and how the hell does this get approved having the wrong link? Mods asleep this monday?

dumahim2334d ago

Hasn't it become clear by now? They just approve everything.

dangert122334d ago

no their not my top 100 reason why the psp is a better home console then the 360 was never approved

Hicken2334d ago

Now I'm even more interested in Forza. I have to say I love that car.

FalconR2892334d ago

I wish that Gran Turismo had this great Australian classic in the game. Would be my daily driver. In fact I wish both Forza and the next Gran Turismo would have more American, European, and Australian cars then they currently have, because at least in Gran Turismo they have a billion of the same car with a different headliner or something and they never give the same attention to the non-Japanese cars.

InTheLab2334d ago

That's what kills me about GT5. It's a Japanese game so they skimped on American muscle...

FalconR2892333d ago

I know right? There are so many classic American cars that deserve do be put in the game and they don't for what ever reason but they need to be in the game and driven.

TXIDarkAvenger2334d ago

Wasn't that interested in the other Forza games but seeing everything Forza 4 just makes me more interested in buying the game.