MW3 Takes On BF3

GameNTrain: The two most anticipated games of 2011 are drawing closer by day. Call of Duty is hanging up their swag in a GameStop by you. Dice is uploading trailers weekly. All in an effort to make you spend you $60 on their game.

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solidworm2243d ago

Article 345.987.008. relating to MW3 vs BF3.

deadpoole2243d ago

MW3 is about the hole thats about to get wide open caused by huge input from BF3 ... if u catch my drift .. lolllll

Miiikeyyy2243d ago

MW3 takes on BF3 and gets its arse kicked.

latinalover2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

BF3 bitchslap MW3 and make MW3 his bitch

chriski3332243d ago

Battlefield 3 is R kelly modern warfare3 is the girl he pees on

Hicken2243d ago

Bubbles up, man. Too funny.

ArchangelMike2243d ago

Should be the other way around. It's BF3 that's taking on MW3. Everyone ususally roots for the underdog, and I'm rooting for BF3.