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Kikoo: "First time we heard about this game in 2009 when it registered the domain Codemasters with that name. A few months later, this information is confirmed, and 2010 to work on the game engaged Stuart Black, the creator of one of the best shooters ever made for PS2."

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dark-hollow2486d ago

So much for the "revolutionize" the fps genre

jaosobno2486d ago

They've been generous. I'd give it 1/10.

NukaCola2486d ago

Demo was trash and the game looked terrible from the get-go. I wish they just made Black 2, but thinking about it...maybe this is better cause I'd hate for them to F that awesome game up with a bad sequel.

DeadlyFire2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Graphics wise. Average at best according to the demo I played. AI wise not great. Gunplay though seems to be spot on. Aim Assist is auto on though. Dislike that.

EA has rights to BLACK. So not possible for BLACK 2 unless EA steps away from Battlefield for a second.

Crazyglues2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

@ jaosobno

yeah your not kidding, they were indeed being generous.. I was getting dizzy playing that game.. I tried to give them credit for some things they tried to do but yeah I'll agree with your 1/10

-I deleted it right after playing it...


Miiikeyyy2486d ago

These reviews are ganna kill the game before it's even out

CZUM2486d ago

Demo sucks, it seems full ver. also.

boricua822486d ago

the demo was complete trash,so this score is justified in my honest opinion.

MidnytRain2486d ago

The demo was complete win.

newleaf2486d ago

Bulletstorm, Body Count and Brink, they are all the same thing to me, more junk that I'm not interested in.
SONY where the heck is my Heavenly Sword 2??? I'm tired of shooters, I want Nariko back.

dark-hollow2486d ago

Too bad NT is busy butchering the DMC series.

M1chl2486d ago

Sorry Bulletstorm was awesome (unfortunatenly demo wasn't), other than that, I can't complain : )

dark-hollow2486d ago

Yeah! BULLETSTORM is awesome, bodycount isn't.

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The story is too old to be commented.