5 PlayStation Franchises That Must Come To Vita

MMGN writes: With Vita fast approaching (erm, sometime in 2012...), takes a look at some PlayStation franchises that would be great for Sony's upcoming handheld, Vita.

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marioPSUC2399d ago

I imagine they are going to put Motorstorm on there since they just made one for the PSP and it was pretty good.

Infamous will probably be on there too, seeing as how they are already putting a big name Sony franchise on PSvita, Uncharted.

remanutd552398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

Motorstorm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sorry but Pure is the best the genre has to offer? really ? all you drive is an ATV and all you do is fly around , man some " game journalist " then he had the nerves to say Motorstorm is occasionally challenging ? LMAO , people complain about Motorstorm AI a lot , this is "BRUTAL" off road racing at its very , very best , this is Motorstorm ( where a bike can take on a Monster Truck ) not just ATVs trying to be Jets lmao

one2thr2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

Loco Roco- When I first played it I thought it had tilt controls for the psp
Patapon- It can be done better on the Vita
MPO and MPO+ and Peace Walker- Fully optimized for the Vita including the online modes
Heavenly Sword
Lair- Probably would of be cut some slack if it were a handheld title
And may be WarHawk- If its possible (The PS3 version)