Deus Ex: Human Revolutions - Message incoming

GamePron: There’s no denyin’ that Deus Ex: Human Revolution is taking the world by storm – but now we hear there’s something big headed this way, at 10pm GMT Monday night.

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MrBeatdown2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Deus Ex 1 HD announcement please.

I'll spend the rest of the day doing this...

Quagmire2392d ago

That would be awesome, however isnt it a tad late?

Although, I suppose HR is a Prequel.

The only thing stopping me from playing the original recently was the terrible gfx (compared to todays standards).

An HD upgrade would be welcome

Kran2392d ago

Deus Ex has Half Life 1 graphics essentially. They're bareable.

Kran2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

I aint watched the credits yet, but isnt there a secret achievement which says:

"The D Project - 15G/Bronze (I think its a Bronze Trophy)
You watched the entire credit list and saw the surprise at the end.

The Icon is of the same guy from Deus Ex 1.

Maybe they're linked?

CZUM2391d ago

Mistery solved? The message is: "okM8- +Ds4Dui?IMh$Mzvm14SBqe7:G.I6=u 74b?mkh-45Ki60d+98XBpCku7" What does it mean. Any ideas?