Dragon Ball Online Promotional Videos

Saiyan Island: "Developer NTL Inc, in conjunction with Akira Toriyama’s Bird Studio and popular manga publisher Shueisha began working on a massive multiplayer online role-playing Dragon Ball computer game a few years ago. The lucky people of Korea received the game just last year and Taiwan has been enjoying it since earlier this year. We’re actually posting since we just caught some interesting, sort of funny videos promoting the Taiwanese build by publisher Cayenne Tech."

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wwm0nkey2365d ago

Really hope this hits the west at some point in time.

shreeveera2365d ago

Very much over the top though.

Kee2365d ago

Interesting... Most definitely.

MasterD9192365d ago

I wouldn't mind creating my own Super Saiyan.

DarthBigE2365d ago

I didn't understand a word, except "online", but i found it amusing. =D