All Four Borderlands Characters Will Return for Borderlands 2

GR: "Gearbox Software told their diehard, super-long-line-waiting fans that all four characters from the original Borderlands would return to play a role in the story of Borderlands 2."

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Trexman892456d ago

hell yeah! Mordecai had the best character design out of all of them.

Dan502456d ago

We know they are returning but NOT as playable characters only NPCs.

BigWoopMagazine2456d ago

Bingo - they said it was a good opportunity to flesh out their back stories to make up for the lack of that in the original. Hopefully they'll also flesh out the stories for the new characters too.

MasterD9192456d ago

Hope they allow for more character customization this time.

I'm glad all of the original characters are coming back.