Sony wants devs to cross-pollinate Vita and PS3

Develop - Studios and publishers showing interest in mixed-platform play, says Yoshida.

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Darth Stewie2340d ago

Sounds good and would be perfect if a person who buys a PS3 copy also gets a digital download Vita copy just like Ruin.

tiffac0082340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

They could do it by a voucher where you can get the game for free on the Vita or the PS3 if its a Vita game.

It would be sweet if they do it that way but I think they will go the bundle route for retail.

Ju2339d ago

Didn't he just say both, PS3 and Vital versions are bundled?

tiffac0082339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Yes they did and nothing in my comment said otherwise. I read that on another article before.

I probably should have rephrased what I said. I didn't know people would misunderstood that. My bad :/

MostJadedGamer2340d ago

No, no, no. As a person who hates handhelds the last thing i want is this cross-platform crap.

BrianG2340d ago

Why? It only adds to the options I already have.

It's not like they are forcing you to complete part of your game on the handheld.

Ju2339d ago


Sometimes the obvious is not so obvious to others.

jackoffjim2340d ago

Does this mean some sort of cross-game chat? It seems like it....

consolez_FTW2340d ago

Wow this is awesome. Kinda like that Transfarring thing Kojima made. Would be awesome to have a game on both PSVita and PS3, just to continue it on the go...I hope those big devs. really take advantage of this.

hardandsloppy2340d ago

There already is a game being made like that, its called ruin, look it up

PSVita2340d ago

psp can transfer ps1, minis etc. game saves between the psp and ps3 it isn't anything new and you don't need "TRANSFARRING"(God that's spelling is irritating).

Spenok2339d ago

Couldnt agree more. I hope most games are like Ruin where you can start on one platform and finish on the other console.

And having them bundled again, like Ruin, wouldnt be bad either. Though i doubt they will do that for most. Maybe some kind of buy one get the other for cheaper. Or something like that.

Redempteur2340d ago

i convinced since tehy annonced teh cross onlien campaign for wipeout HD & ipeout 2048.

Inception2340d ago

well, 'play beyond' and 'make believe' are not just some catchy motto for sony afterall

so good job sony!
can't wait to play dragon's crown, lbp, night of kamaitachi (100 people race to solve murder case!), etc etc together with my fellow PS3 & Vita gamers :)

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The story is too old to be commented.
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